This tesserae piece is one of my favorite compositions. The small tesserae pieces cut from old paintings and used to create the image, are a reflection of my earliest day-dreams. When I was five or six, I often stayed with my grandparents during the summer. Sitting on their back porch whiling away the time, staring at the world around me, I had time to let my mind wander and think about everything and nothing much at all. Here in PIXIE MOON, all the little pieces of old paintings fly through the air like random thoughts flitting through my mind.

What if we humans are really only the size of the ants crawling over Grandma’s peonies, and there are other ginormous other-people watching us? Where do you suppose they sleep? What do they eat?

What if, after we go to sleep, they start playing dodge-ball and throw our little ball of earth at each other and make the world go around, or create earthquakes and landslides and all that kind of stuff?

What if they wash their big ole hound dogs and cause us to have rain storms when the dogs shake off all that water?

Or what if there is another little farm just like Grandfather’s only, on the underside of the earth … like in China … and they do everything the same but upside down? What would it be like to have your feet above your head and fall up, not down?

What if? What if? What if? The “what ifs” would go on endlessly until I was called to lunch.

PIXIE MOON might be a flight of fancy, but clearly, I like to spend time in the fanciful world occupied by the child I was. Look! There in some outer-space-place is a water tower on the far left. It is the same metal water tower we passed every time Grandma drove us into town. And that stand of trees is the same as the wind break planted on the hill behind their house. I loved those trees and the shadows cast by their benign summer shade. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it. What if I’m still there, bare legs glued to the hot porch step waiting for lunch, and all of the rest of my life is just a made-up fantasy?

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  1. I love this painting and the “what ifs.” It opens up landscapes and memories from my youth as well. Brava, Connie!

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