My body has gone viral. Last weekend Covid arrived like the badass it is, and has been making my life miserable. Like much of the world, I no longer felt threatened by the three-year-old menace … after all I was vaccinated and booster-ed up the wazoo. But apparently, it is not a good idea to be lax with the masks and hand sanitizer.

So it is my own fault the dread virus took the opportunity to walk in uninvited. I mean, all I did was make a quick stop at Marshalls. After all I had a few minutes before I had to be somewhere, and there it was on my way. So, I went in and poked about, as one does, and found a new long-sleeved tee shirt in a color I had been looking for … like forever. And it was the right size! Who knew it would come with a week’s worth of headaches, congestion, aches, and pains? My good neighbor picked up a prescription for Paxlovid, but the nausea and side effects proved to be worst than the disease, so I had to stop taking it. Instead, I hunkered down and waited it out.

Now after a week of the nasties, I am relieved to have gotten past the worst of it. I went through an entire box of chamomile tea, two boxes of Puffs, three lemons (to go with the honey and hot water), and half a bag of Halls cough drops despite their rather foul taste. For a week now, my life has been dribbling away in cups full of liquid. I drank my vegetables (V-8), and protein (bullion), teas both herbal and caffeinated, as well as cocoa, and coffee. Eventually I ran out of mugs to warm up my watery diet. And after a few days the watermelon, grapes, and peaches felt really good going down my swollen throat, and with some Gouda and goat cheese to go with, I can’t say I suffered too much.

My mother always used to say the trick was learning how to enjoy ill health, and I have practiced her technique for years. However, that was not an option this time around. So be warned … Don’t mess around with this stuff. Stay safe.


  1. So sorry! None of us knows when it will strike. We just got out flu shot yesterday and we will have to return next week for the Covid shot and then there is also an RSV? We also have other things to deal with now that we have turned 80. Good luck with your recuperation.

  2. Dear Connie,
    I send greetings to lift your spirits just a tad. I’m so sorry the beastly bug has shackled you, but it sounds like you’re inching toward recovery. You’ve written accurately and wisely about letting our vigilance wane. I will follow your lead and wise up. Best wishes; be well soon!

  3. Love how your drawing makes an overwhelming attack of cells look so pretty! Hmmm.
    Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the warning.

  4. I made it through the pandemic unscathed, never tested positive. That is, until last month. I tested positive TWICE in August. Fortunately my symptoms were very mild. The pandemic may be over, but COVID-19 will be around for a long time. Stay vigilant.

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