Not To Worry – To Start With

Not To Worry – To Start With

Some time ago I finished a book about my adventures in Cancer Land. The book is based on my original email updates, sent out over the course of my treatment for bladder cancer. Many of you felt that the updates should be made available to a wider audience. Indeed I have sent out feelers to various and sundry literary agents and publishers with a view to having the book published. And while they were universally encouraging, it turns out there are way too many memoirs about cancer and its aftermath.  The deluge of books written by and for cancer survivors is truly mind-boggling.

So instead I am posting the finished manuscript one chapter at a time, here on my website. I feel that there are those that will benefit from reading about my experience with bladder cancer. Likewise, I am sure that there are those that really don’t want to read another word about cancer ever again! So take it or leave it …

Click or tap here to read the Introduction.

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  1. Connie,
    I am so looking forward to talking with you at the reunion this Sept. Just saw the “book” you did while dealing with cancer. Haven’t had a chance to read much beyond the first chapter as I am running a B
    +B at our summer cabin ( well, feels that way) See you and catch up then

  2. Connie, I am thrilled that you’ve posted your funny-serious-honest-devastating journey on your website. Congratulations! And although I’ve read your book before, once I began the intro and went on to the first chapter, I was propelled forward by the energy in your voice. Brava!! I urge everyone on your list to dive into your story and pass it on. In so many ways it’s everyone’s story.

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