Not To Worry – Chapter 1

Not To Worry – Chapter 1

No one can convince me that there is not a miasma that permeates all medical waiting rooms, hospital corridors, and laboratory walls. After my extended stay in all of the above, I have come to realize that much of the effect is caused by abysmal choices of wallpaper, paint, carpet, and upholstery materials. This designer maven protests the criminal use of color.

The methodology must go something like this … what ever it is,┬ámake it brown so it won’t show dirt, then add some other color, like green … I mean let us match the skin tones of the seriously ill so they will feel comfortable. Then add a hint of what my father always referred to a titty-pink to kill any remaining remnant of good taste. And for sure, let us choose our colors in natural light so that the florescent lights won’t influence our final decision regarding color combinations.

I am happy to report my time in waiting rooms has been seriously curtailed.

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  1. Connie- you are brilliant, brave, remarkable, honest. Thanks so much for this incredible story of your path with a heart. – Jan

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