Have you ever noticed the dramatic impact made by the smallest pinpoint of light when it arrives in the darkness? As a metaphor, it has been overused to illustrate all sorts of meaningful events and watershed moments. And, like words used too often the meaning has become meaningless … banal, trite, and ho-hum … a metaphor lost in a sea of jargon and sound bites … lost in the black hole of insufficient language. 

However, in the real world it occurs over and over and over again …endlessly … whether or not anyone is there to see it. And always for those who are there to experience the razzle-dazzle, the drama inspires anew, because it really is amazing to watch. To be witness to the power of light over darkness should truly give one pause. Just as the power of darkness at war with light, can always be reversed. 

In this case it is the moon emerging from stormy weather, but it could equally be the moon conceding defeat to the forces of darkness.  

Your choice. After all it doesn’t take much effort to close your eyes.


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