A Sneak Peek at Spring

A Sneak Peek at Spring

There is something magical about walking into a greenhouse on a chilly New England morning and feeling the heat and humidity. There is a softness to the air, reminding us there is better weather coming. That alone is worth the trip to Mt. Holyoke glass house to see the spring bulb display. It is a wonderful experience to meander through the jungle atmosphere and come across exotic orchids and mammoth ferns and palms.

And then there are the flowers. OMG what a wonderful visual extravaganza. Tulips and daffodils, fritillaries and grape hyacinths, pansies and primula, anemones and freesia, orchids and who-knows-what-else … all dancing cheek to cheek in an intricate pattern of color and texture. What a treat.

After visiting Mt Holyoke, if you have time go a little further north to Smith College. They also have a spring display of bulbs in their green houses. And starting this weekend Elizabeth Park in West Hartford will have their show. It is a real shot in the arm to walk into spring on a dull chilly day. Enjoy!



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  1. The spring flower shows at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh have always been in the winter and it has always seemed so promising and beautiful, real treat right before Easter.

  2. So exquisite. Thank you for sharing all that delicious colour. I have a thing for Fritillaries. It could just be the name, but also that my mother liked them and I am immensly fond of them. All excited when some have obligingly come back up in the not so well nurtured pots of greenery in the courtyard, which I hope they will do this year too. Rx

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