Pictured here are we all … socially isolated in the midst of an infestation of splodges … clear evidence of the carona-viral-disgusting-infectious-disease-pandemic. The invisible globules have taken control of our world. They are everywhere, those nasty blots of infection. Pictured here as well, is conclusive evidence that I have no idea how plumbing works in the real world … but let us all say a prayer that the pipes continue to pipe, the water continues to flow, and the hot water holds out.


But, beyond all that what I wish to share is the sense of how precarious is our ability to live in isolation. Awaiting the inrushing flood of disaster, we rely on our skinny little electronic attachments to prop us up. To be in touch, but not touching, detached but attached, we are forced to make the abnormal normal. I admit to the bad juju qualms that plod through my brain. The news smothers everything in its path. But the news is no longer really news, and more like updates from a warfront.


So, I have made the decision to turn it down … to switch it off before they are all done talking.  Instead I have begun to tune into the antics of the local nutz-o squirrels. It is as if the three stooges have a lucrative gig in the front courtyard. And what about the three-gazillion birds lined up awaiting their turn at my neighbor’s feeders, you can’t tell me they are observing the rules of social-distancing. My patio chairs are there waiting for me to take a break every so often and observe the explosion of color and zing that marks the arrival of spring. My daily walk has become a stroll through a sea of oak and maple buds. My trip to the mailbox allows me to check in on my peony spikes and the fattened buds on my deciduous azaleas … the few that are left from the depredations of the nutz-o squirrels. And on those days that it rains, a sniff of the air brings clear evidence that what is out there is not an infestation of viral splurges at all, but spring and all its gloriosity. Enjoy the show! But please stand over there.


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  1. I see this as the “ants on a log in the rapids.” The ants, that is, our political leaders, claim that wherever the log goes, that where they planned it to go, as if they were in charge. Listen to the scientists!

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