The ghastly humidity currently visiting us has apparently decided to take up permanent residence. Not only does it play havoc with my early summer garden, but it has been carousing with the creative juices in my brain. Together they have produced squat … that negatory state appearing to be something until closer examination reveals nothing much at all. My creative juices have evaporated into the humid air.

In the past, when faced with nothing inspiring to share with you all, I have relied on my miscellaneous list of ideas, jotted down for future reference. However, this time I have hit a wall. Sadly, my list has produced Squat … the offspring of humidity and creative sludge. There are ideas overly poetic, thoughts banal or merely trite, and the sad oddities in search of support. So, I share with you my collection of random ideas. I have no clue how to make them speak. Maybe they will mean something to you. I hope so, because I can cannot get them to move off the Miscellaneous list.

  1. Pedestrians with a death wish. Cyclists with no clue
  1. Blue baked potato walking. Miscalculating the conditions and feeling like the Michelin man dressed in arctic blue. (weather related?)
  1. Conjugating a creative life. Nothing like the original format. Just like the Italian verb essere -to be has nothing to do with ess, so too is there no resemblance between what is intended, and what is created.
  1. Dill pickles and war
  1. Evidence of artistic trial and error
  1. Sleeplessness … sleep slips away, sliding into the early morning dark as the avian orchestra takes its note from the first violinist outside my window, I concede defeat and begin the day. They all appear to have some mighty fine plans for their day, those birds, and they want to tell you all about it in endless chirrups and peeps.
  1. What the hand and eye conceive in collaboration – creating the written and visible
  1. S.N.A.I.L.S.P.A.C.E.

          Sluggish & Negatory Activity In Legs Sadly Preclude Any Comfortable Exercise

  1. Sweet couch potato … I yam what I yam
  1. Squat … Hmm. Interesting word. I might work with it once my brain solidifies.

5 Replies to “DIDDLY SQUAT”

  1. Ok so now you have to watch Jeremy Clarkson’s “Diddely Squat Farm” series on Netflix. Hilarious.

  2. I invite you to riff on:
    My apology has no kickstand
    Is it farther to California or by bus?
    I love your writing, Connie!

    1. Thanks Mary, I will add them to the misc. list. Is that something like a hit or misc list? Or just more fiddly-diddly-squat?

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