Exactly what might I say in response to the question, “What’s my line?” Today I am a writer using a line of text to convey an idea, and a digital line to express another point of view. Yesterday as a designer I used ruled lines, my quarter inch scale, and drafting board to produce floor plans for a client. The day before artistic me, added color washes to a line drawing on canvas. Earlier the same day I spent an hour on the line with Comcast setting up my new phone line. So, really what is my line of work?

Having started this line of thought, I have found it impossible to stop. Instead, it would seem I am constantly at the mercy of a never-ending cascade of line words that might, or might not relate to my line of inquery. So, in an effort to purge myself of this endless lineup of words, I shall attempt to recall as many as possible. And should others come to mind, drop me a line.

  • Above the line
  • Airlines
  • Along the line
  • Below the line
  • Behind enemy lines
  • Boundary line
  • Branch line
  • Clothes line
  • Don’t feed me a line
  • Down the line
  • Draw the line
  • Family line
  • Fine line between
  • Laugh lines
  • Linebacker
  • Line dance
  • Line drive
  • Line em up
  • Line of attack
  • Line of fire
  • Line of patter
  • Line of scrimmage
  • Line of sight
  • Line up alphabetically by height
  • Official line
  • Out of line
  • Outline
  • Product line
  • Shipping line
  • Subway line
  • Visible panty line

11 Replies to “WHAT’S MY LINE”

  1. Redline
    Thin Blue Line
    Eye Line
    Lip Line
    Good grief this is addicting!! Love your long line drawings….life line….ok I’m stopping.

  2. Pick-up line. Hair line. Party line (probably an unknown thing for anyone under 60). Hook, line, and sinker.

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