These days it is just me and my shadow … updated and socially distanced … commuting between my chair, the fridge, and the phone. However, after much thought, I have to say it is more like … just me and my shadow group of isolation special limited edition friends and neighbors. Our bubble of shared isolation is supported by the fragile lifeblood of friendship. We huddle together to commiserate and catalog our strange new world, and await developments over which we have no control. For some, it is a shared trust that allows us to come together safely for brief moments to share a meal. For others, it is a zoom and a drink together. But for many it is a phone call and a promise to celebrate when our future is restored. It is comforting to have them at my back, in whatever format they arrive. Life would be unimaginable without them all.

And yet, in the end there is a constant thread of anxiety that remains. I find myself questioning …

What lies before us?

What lies beyond the horizon?

What lies between us all that has been lost to loneliness?

What lies behind us, left on the road we have chosen to travel?

What lies beside us in the rubble of other lives?

What lies beneath us where the roots of our lives are sustained?

Indeed, what lives be these that lie within us now?

4 Replies to “WHAT LIES BE…”

  1. These times define us as individuals… it’s the sum of the values we have decided to live by. Those with low morales, low self-esteem, and no common sense are threatened by the pandemic. They show false bravado and act stupidly in thinking they can “out run” the realities of the conditions that exist. Hang in there.

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