We all leave something behind when we interact with others, and the fragments, like little gifts of this and that, can bring joy or sorrow. During this holiday season when those around us appear to be fraught with anxiety, and fueled by bad news, I think about what type of gift it is that I wish to leave as I pass by.

As the days shorten and deadlines loom, time wages war with a variety of nasty weapons …  impatience, anxiety, stress, and frustration amongst them.  Like a bully, it takes as hostages the positive gifts of kindness or thoughtfulness we might give to others. So, I say fight back. Take a moment to greet a stranger, phone a friend to say hi, laugh instead of cry, and add a bit of good cheer to somebody’s day. Because in the end, our actions will make the holiday season whatever we wish it to be. Also, let us not forget the importance of eradicating all reason for Santa to leave coal in our stockings.  Eddie Cantor had it right, “You better watch out!” Because you never know who is watching, and the gifts you leave behind … be they coal or candy … might come down the chimney in Santa’s bag marked Return to Sender. After all he knows what a nightmare it is to shop and needs tons of stocking stuffers. Personally, I am hoping for Prosecco vs soot and ashes.

So here is wishing you much joy and happiness as the year winds down. And remember to keep your ear tuned for reindeer on the roof.

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  1. Love love love this. Your “voice” is clear, distinct and delightful. And who wouldn’t want to keep that Prosecco coming, packaged carefully and sent with love?

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