Here are we all, in the midst of a world of chaos. Living with the unknown, with no view of what lies ahead. Like still water our current existence reflects only what is visible in the present. However, if we look under the boardwalk, where the shadows allow us to see below the surface, we can see something lurking under there. And just like that, we are convinced that there are monsters … dark creatures from the deep sent to destroy and devour.  But our experience should have informed us that we have a long history of getting it wrong when it comes to foreseeing the future. 

Despite the worst-case scenarios, those early map makers got it wrong. The world did not end at the edge of the ocean, and we did not need to beware … Here Be Dragons. Instead the future held unimaginable discoveries and places beyond the wildest of imaginations. Explorers presumed to be lost in their quest for new worlds, have turned up to be the ancestors of our neighbors. We should know by now that the fate of mankind is never without cliffhangers. Famine, black death, war, and pestilence, all leave behind a changed world. But it is safe to say that no one has ever been able to predict what might happen next. 

So yes indeed, we can expect our future to be changed. We will be altered by this experience in unpredictable ways. There really is no way to know what will happen next week or next year. That does not mean we should not take precautions, and stay safe. But please allow yourself to dial back on the chaos and madness of worry. Worry is indeed, the interest paid on trouble before it is due. The future will arrive whatever we do, and that dark shadow of movement under the surface might indeed be some prehistoric predator in search of his next meal. But it might just as easily be Charlie the Tuna brought back as spokesperson for a newly renovated underworld. 

We will just have to wait and see what really lies under the boardwalk.


  1. Excellent piece. I especially like this line, “Worry is indeed, the interest paid on trouble before it is due.” Along this same thread is this anonymous quote, “We only obsess on what we don’t know.” I think our Mother taught us this.

  2. I agree! Excellent piece, Connie. Love the painting too. I. For one, can’t wait to see what lies ahead. As an optimist, I hope for great, positive changes.

  3. Oh, I needed Nelljean’s optimism especially today, for some reason. Thank you! And I love this painting. Is it new?

  4. Thank you, Connie, for your hope and honesty. We are uniting and helping one another, something we have needed for a long time.

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