Psst! Did You Forget Something?

Psst! Did You Forget Something?

This morning I watched as my neighbor trailed her suitcase down the walk to her garage. Ah I thought, she is off on an adventure. Good for her! I hope it is somewhere warm.

Then she stopped and looked back at her house as if to check that she had not left some stray part of herself back on the front step. Ah-ha I thought, I’m not the only one who does that!

Does everyone feel this tug upon leaving their house behind? I do. Despite detailed check lists and all the best laid plans … no matter how short or long the trip … whenever I leave to travel overnight, it always feels as if I have forgotten something. And in a way, I suppose I have. After all my nice comfortable life … my security blanket … is back there awaiting my return.

But what is even more strange is how alien my house will feel when I return lugging my old suitcase and carrying my new adventures into my old life. What a bizarre feeling. It is as if the air in the house has become rarified in my absence. However, the strangeness wears off with unpacking and doing the laundry and realizing that I forgot to stop for groceries. Welcome home.

5 Replies to “Psst! Did You Forget Something?”

  1. Connie
    I always leave my house as tidy as can be. When I re-enter, it is with such a sense of calm and simplicity—kinda like open arms of comfort. “So glad to have you back.”

  2. Connie
    Loved the “collage” You capture style and emotion in your art.
    We await Lin and Ken, Nell Jean and Clay for Superbowl weekend. Best

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Like Edie, I always try to leave a clean house so I don’t feel a need to do chores when I get home. It’s always comforting to come home, no matter how much you enjoyed being away.

  4. I’m getting used to these feelings coming faster and faster since I am often away from home, sometimes on fairly short notice. The bane of my “away” existence is the fridge and all the “past their sell-by date” items waiting there. I love this pic of youConnie!

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