The show which opens on Sunday April 2nd at the Avon Free Public Library, is about my creative journey through the last ten years. It is a reflection of how my art and the memories that lie beneath it have been altered by surviving cancer and living through the pandemic.

This year I was at last able to resume painting with artistic conviction. I recognize how cancer and the pandemic had subsumed my creativity and left me with a new set of experiences that needed to be memorized and incorporated into my repertoire of images. In this context the transitional work can be recognized primarily by my altered color palette during the pandemic. Some works also make use of mixed media to explore the reconstruction of my life after cancer. Both have now been incorporated into my artistic expression and have been successfully integrated with my current work.

I am not a plein air painter. Instead, I call on memories or photos to create my images. At the same time writing about my work helps me focus my artistic intent, so I have included some of my writing as part of this exhibit.

I hope to see you on Sunday April 2nd  from 2-4.

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