Today it would seem despite appearances to the contrary, I am not actually awake.

Oh sure, I am up and walking around. I have had my coffee, done my exercises, and taken my vitamins. I have started the laundry and returned calls, and made lists of things to do and watered the plants, and really made every effort to shake off the woozies … that sense that you are walking around with fog on the brain. It was driving me slightly bonkers, until I remembered … AHA!!…

… We changed from daylight savings time, or perhaps it was to daylight savings time … I am never really sure which is which. … but whatever … yesterday we FELL BACK and hour.  So, although I went to bed at my normal hour, I didn’t fall asleep because it was not really that time yet. Then, when I got up I was an hour behind … at least I think that’s right. Anyway, I am not running on all cylinders today.

Instead am ready for a long winter nap. Please just let me sleep through the winter and wake up back on my regular schedule … the one I left behind last Saturday.

My friend Geno used to leave the clock in his car set on one time. He never SPRANG FORWARD or FELL BACK  and made the necessary mental adjustment for 6 months. I’m guessing that he couldn’t actually figure out how to change the clock, but in some way, he felt it was a minor act of rebellion, and took pride in telling everybody who noticed,  that he ignored the time change for half the year. He didn’t want the clock changed because then he really wouldn’t know what time it was! Go figure.

In contrast, I can’t seem to help myself and change all the clocks the night before, and wake up all set to live in a new time frame … until I come across some obscure clock that lurks in the shadows … like the one on my old cd-player, or my dress watch that I wear only on special occasions. I must say there is small thrill to recognizing the time discrepancy weeks later. Yowzer! It is unnerving, but it also feels a bit like getting a call from an old friend … my old time zone.  And indeed, every time it happens I think of my old friend Geno and miss him anew.

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