Ghostly images appear before me as I walk. The sidewalk is imprinted with silhouettes of fallen leaves … like small hands waving goodbye. … each one a reminder of the times we shared, and the blessing of living each day amidst such beauty.

With every season Mother Nature, so gracious and forgiving, shares her leaves with us. In spring they bring us ethereal whispers of color and the promise of warmer days. In summer they give us shade and surcease from the heat. And in Autumn they create a visual symphony of color to lift our hearts as the days wane.

By now most of the leaves have been swept away. Their vibrance has faded, their soft whispered conversations with the wind have gone silent, and their shade has fallen. However like the good friends they are, a few survivors remain to see us on our way. So I bid them adieu and look forward to their return in the spring. Safe travels.

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  1. Absolutely lovely and touching. May I share this after Christmas? That time between the colourful festivities/lonelinessess and irrational optimism and self promises…those days we’re thinking of the year ahead and bidding goodbye to a year with many upsets and difficulties (albeit like so many years, and people, gone.) Rx

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