Chapter 25 – A Bulging Bag of Brag

Chapter 25 – A Bulging Bag of Brag

December 10

I really hate to write one of those obnoxious Christmas brag letters … but as I approach the one year mark of my bout with cancer I feel I have a big bulging bag of blessings to be thankful for.

#1 … the cancer was caught in time.

While others might face a lifetime of chemo, radiation, surgery and endless tests and procedures, I lucked out … my latest reports are all good … and so far, I am cancer free!

#2 … I have fabulous friends.

What a blessing to have such a great support system. Without exception, I have had nothing but gifts of love and time given to me by an exceptional circle of friends. And it is impossible to imagine where I would be without them. Many, many, thanks!

#3 … I am under the care of a seriously talented group of doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, therapists, and dedicated caregivers. Go team!

#4 … My encounter with cancer has given me a new perspective. Where previously I might have perceived life as a drive to a destination, it has now become an adventure of discovery. As a child, my parents would pack us into the car and drive randomly around whatever new neighborhood they happened to come across. What an adventure it was!  We saw places just that once and never saw them again … and we also saw places that became new favorite locales. The purpose of those Sunday drives was not to arrive at a destination, but to take a journey.

This last year has been much the same. Terrifying and exhilarating and very exciting. I am so thankful to have been given new insight, and equally thankful to be safely home to enjoy the it!

#5 … I have discovered a love of writing. It showed up … apparently out of the blue … when I began writing my updates to you all. Who knew?

#6 … I am back in the studio once more! It feels great to be able to get those creative juices working again. I will be sending you updates and notes to let you know how that is progressing.

#7 … this experience has made me cognizant of the fact that one’s body really is a machine, and quite separate from what one might call the human spirit. That machine really does need regular maintenance and repair. And sometimes a real overhaul is called for … I would venture to say that my chemo and surgery might be considered more than an oil change and less than a new transmission …  a new exhaust system maybe?  Whatever … it is good to know I wasn’t an insurance write off!

And last but certainly not least …

#8 …  I now have curly hair! A perm might have been an easier path to the same end, but hey!  Who am I to complain.

So, there you have the short list that Santa left this year. May you all be as blessed as I have been, and may the new year bring all of you good health and much happiness.

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